Resolution information of S-1 GRD

How to obtain the Resolution information of a processed S-1 GRD data?

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When you open the product in SNAP in the Product Explorer on the left you can find metadata of the product . Open the abstracted metadata and you will find it

I want to obtain the range Resolution and azimuth Resolution of a processed S-1 GRD data, not the Pixel spacing information, can i obtain it from “abstracted metadata”? Thank you very much!

For the spatial resolution of S-1 GRD products, please see Table 5-1 on page 5-2 of the Sentinel-1 Product Definition document at

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I confirm the Peter’s answer. The resolution is not something we usually annotate in contrast to the sampling.
However, we made such that the Nyquist criteria is respected such that sampling/spacing is twice the resolution.

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