Reuse processes from SNAP in my app

Hello all,

I would like to write an application with my own methods in Python, but reusing SNAP processes like “read”, etc.

Please could someone let me know, where could I check a the list of the SNAP processes?

Particularly, the new app works with S3 and multimission data from CMEMS.

All of them are written in Java isnt it?

Regards, Isaac

I’m not sure what you mean by “SNAP processes”.
Maybe you refer to the operators which can be used with GPF.
For the complete list available in you application your can call on the command line ‘gpt -h’
Also there is the API documentation for SNAP. Which is helpful if you want to invoke some SNAP method:

Most (99%) of SNAP ist implemented in Java. But there are some operators which are implemented in Python