RF classification with NDVI

Hey guys

Could somebody tell me how you would incorporate vegetation indices in to a random forests classification on SNAP? i’ve created an NDVI product but don’t know what to do next

Any help is greatly appreciated

the vegetation index (or any other band you want to use as a feature for the classification) must be inside the S2 product.

Then you can select it among the rasters in the classification

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can we perform this same step (adding NDVI or any other band to S2 product) in google earth engine.
I tried adding it .but not succesful.

although this is ot the right forum for this, it could look somethink like that GEE_NDVI_plot.txt (1.3 KB)
But let’s not get too much into it in here.

ok sorry to ask. I was really struggling to get through, so thought of asking when I saw the relevant question.