RGB composition retrieval

Hi dears,

I was trying several RGB composition, and luckily I generated a nice RGB one from different polarisations/master/slave.
My problem now is that I don’t remember which equations I used for each channel… I just get the RGB in front of my eyes, but don’t know how to reproduce it…

Is there a way to find this out back ?

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Ps: the RGB generated:
Nyiragongo lava flow on 23-05-2021

No, this only works when you save the RGB channels as virtual bands to the product. From the saved image it is not possible to get the equation.

Okay I was guessing so… good to be sure.
Thank you for the answer

still, very appealing representation of the lava flow! If you manage to remember, I’m interested how you created the RGB :slight_smile:


I finally found it back:

R : $1.VH/ $2.VH
G : $1.VV/ $2.VV
B : $2.VH/ $2.VV

$1: pre-event (here 19-05-2021)
$2: post event (here 23-05-2021)


Some questions - do you use GRD data? and do you think this will work for glaciers movements?
Thank you.

First question: yes
Second one: I can’t say, I don’t work on glaciers movements… sorry!

@AriJeannin Thank you for the for the details.
You also may check here - https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/22797254.2017.1360155?src=recsys for Lava flow detection using multi-temporal coherence analysis (Fogo, Cape Verde – 2014)

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