RS2 quad-pol : from C3 to sigma naught HH, VV etc.?


I am working with quad-pol RADARSAT-2 data. After processing, which includes calibration and polarimetric speckle filtering in the C3 representation, I would like to compute the sigma naught HH, HV, VH and VV representation of the data from the C3 representation. Is there a tool to do this in the radar toolbox?

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Hi developers, @lveci, @marpet, could you take a look at this question real quick? I know it’s very simple, and I’m hoping there’s a simple answer I’ve overlooked :slight_smile:

My objective is to add this step in my java processing routine, at the end, because I need the data in HH, VV, HV, VH, as well as polarimetric parameters.

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You need to calibrate to Sigma0 first with the checkbox for complex data output. Then you can create the C3 with the polarimetric matrix operator and then you can apply the polarimetric speckle filter.

Hi, I’m actually looking to convert C3 (after filtering and other processing) back to HH, HV, VH and VV, after all the processing is done (see image attached). I need this in order to compare with HH and VV values with the literature and other sensors.

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The conversion from S to C matrix is not reversible. You might directly export the Sigma0 bands from the beginning.

source: T. Jagdhuber (slides of SAR edu summer school 2015)

Ok good to have a definitive answer on this! I thought for sure the transformation was reversible.

Thank you all - Sophie