Run sen2cor without re-sample bands

Hi all
The sen2cor documentation is outdated on some aspects.
After spending hours trying to install and setup sen2cor, finally I was able to make the first successfully test.

Now I am able to use the tool.

Some questions (I need to use scenes for mineral identification):

  • The sen2cor tool can be applied on any spatial band (10m, 20m or 60m). Which one is better? I need to apply the correction on a band in order to obtain a final product already corrected.

  • Is there any way I can use the tool without “re-sample” the final product? I need to keep the spatial resolution for each band in order to use another plug-in to re-sample the bands.

  • I am using Sen2Cor-2.4.0-win64. I see 2 options on “Processing Parameters”

    • Scene Only;
    • Cr only;

    What these options stands for?

Thank you in advance