S-1 write product -Compression and gdal formats -VRT

using snappy, the function to write out a processed product is “ProductIO.writeProduct”.
like in this example:

output_img = ProductIO.writeProduct(processed image, '{0}/{1}'.format(path, 's1_grd' + output_extension), 'GeoTIFF', True)

according to documentation in this link: https://step.esa.int/docs/v6.0/apidoc/engine/org/esa/snap/core/dataio/ProductIO.html#writeProduct-org.esa.snap.core.datamodel.Product-java.io.File-java.lang.String-boolean-com.bc.ceres.core.ProgressMonitor-
the class writeProduct accept the following parameters in this way:

public static void writeProduct ([Product] product, 
                                                 [String] filePath, 
                                                 [String] formatName, 
                                                 [ProgressMonitor] pm)
`product` - the product, must not be `null`
`file` - the product file , must not be `null`
`formatName` - the name of a supported product format, e.g. "HDF5". If `null` , the default format "BEAM-DIMAP" will be used
`incremental` - switch the product writer in incremental mode or not.
  1. the written product images are not compressed (to save some disc space)- is that for a reason? or the compression parameter could be added in this case to the write Product class?.
  2. it would be nice to handle all the Gbytes of produced Sentinel-1 time series for e.g. in a more light way for further processes, would VRT (Virtual Raster generated by Gdal) be an option to use to Write out a snappy processed product?
    Thank you