S1 Calibration with Snappy API

Hello there,

I am trying to replicate with python an SNAPPY a GPT processing chain.

So far I can perform subsets (using the example code is easy), but when trying calibration the generated bands are empty. The product generates in almost no time, so I guess somehow is is not processing anything at all:

HashMap = snappy.jpy.get_type(‘java.util.HashMap’)
snappy.GPF.getDefaultInstance().getOperatorSpiRegistry().loadOperatorSpis() # Load all
parameters = HashMap()
parameters.put(‘createBetaBand’, False)
parameters.put(‘selectedPolarisations’, ‘VV’)
parameters.put(‘outputGammaBand’, False)
parameters.put(‘outputImageInComplex’, False)
parameters.put(‘outputBetaBand’, True)
parameters.put(‘outputSigmaBand’, False)
parameters.put(‘auxFile’, ‘Product Auxiliary File’)
parameters.put(‘createGammaBand’, False)
parameters.put(‘outputImageScaleInDb’, False)
calibrated = snappy.GPF.createProduct(‘Calibration’, parameters, subset)

What is missing? Does anyone have tried to call such an operator with SNAPPY?