S1 coregistrated Stack size varying with the same processing: some doubts

Hi everyone,

I am processing two S1 products (VV polarization, SLC type) to get a stack of the two coregistrated and with terrain correction. I have noticed that using two processing chains with the same structure but changing :

  • dem resampling method
  • dem resampling type

in the back geocoding, and

  • map projection

in the terrai correction

I get a stack with different size of the product, if compared with the first processing chain.

Is that caused by the resampling method? or the two stack should come out with the same sizes?

Probably I need to invoke @ABraun help for that! By comparing various settings I noticed that the Terrain Correction with Lambert Azimuthal equal area as map projection returns rasters with smaller size than the ones obtained with WGS84, how can it be explained?

what do you mean with “size”?