S1 grd mosaic


Could some one let me know the steps to be followed to mosaic the GRD images.

I have seen the steps as

  1. Apply orbit
  2. SAR Mosaic

If I use remove border noise tool in the middle I am geting an error as “source product should not be map projected.”

The SAR Mosaic tool it self has sub tools as followed:

  1. Calibration
  2. Multi looking
  3. Terrain Correction.

Could some one give a clear idea to be followed to mosaic the GRD images to get the Sigma not image as a final mosaic product.

The problem is

The images falls between 4 adjacent UTM projections.

How to choose the projection in SAR Mosaic wizard.

I would like to project with the - UTM / WGS84 (automatically) - projection.

The projection would be selected in the terrain correction