S1 SLC Image Visualization

I just opened an S1 SLC image and realized that unlike the convention of having a single VV & VH pair the image has three such pairs, each one of which has a real (i) & imaginary (q) part. The real and the imaginary part is quite intuitive to understand for an SLC image, what I am struggling here is understand how the strips are to be aligned for basic visualization before I even proceed with processing the scene. I also noticed that every pair has a separate number of strip counts, i.e. pair 1 has 10 strips while pair 2 & 3 has 9 strips each. Can somebody explain me how do we stitch all these pairs together :frowning:

Here is a snapshot of the stripped image for all the three chunks

TOPS Deburst merges all these parts together.
TOPS Split lets you select some of these bursts if you only need a part of the image). This should be done before debursting.