S1 toolbox,Terrain correction for sentinel1,

When I use my sentinel 1 data to do terrain correction, the default “srtm 3 sec” keeps on processing without stop. When I change it to other choice such as “srtm 1 sec” ,it works, but the result shows nothing in the image. Can you tell me what is the problem?

It sounds like an internet connection issue. Is there a firewall or other
issue preventing the toolbox from accessing that data over the internet?

Dear iveci:
I don’t think so. When I try it at the trail version of SNAP. It
works, because it has a progress bar. It shows the download process to me
to wait. but when I try another data in the same place in other time. SNAP
don’t work. the software says “Java heap space”. So maybe s1 box is going
to download the srtm 3 ,but it is very slow. I need to try this again to
see if it is right. But the srtm 1 sec may be not downloaded, and the
software do it directly with a wrong result.


If it says java heap space then its an issue of not getting enough memory.