S1 TOPS Merge


Is it possible th have more details on the way to use the “S-1 TOPS Merge” module?

Trying to merge 2 products derived from “TOPSAR Coreg Interferogram.xml” with swath IW1 and swath IW2. The following message appears: “TOPSAR-Merge: -1”

Any tips ?


Module works fine with swath IW2 and swath IW3 !

Patrick, could you please provide the names of the two IW products you are using and we’ll try to reproduce the issue?


IW Products:

  • S1A_IW_SLC__1SDV_20150518T191741_20150518T191808_005980_007B58_2A6C
  • S1A_IW_SLC__1SDV_20150530T191751_20150530T191818_006155_007FFB_E1CE



Last nightly build (SNAP-2.0 beta-8) corrects TOPS-Merge bug.


I don’t think so. The problem was in the metadata produced by the
deburst operator. It saved slant range time to first/last valid pixel as
a float instead of double. This fix only made it in on Tuesday but beta8
was built on Monday.


In fact beta-7 was tag last friday !
You’re last commit (84fe675fc361526e4edc51f490ab57f84dcf68f6) in the git repository solve this bug and should be available in the next release (snap-2.0 beta-8).