S1A/B Observation Scenario 2019

Good afternoon!
Does anyone have obsevation plan for S1A/B on year 2019? I have a project on South-West India (Karnataka). For the first 4 months of this year I took only 5 scenes (in 2017-2018 it was 14) on the test region. How could it be explained? Was there something new? I’ve found that amount of S1A data is less than S1B this year.

you have some general info here :


At near future, you can also have the information about which exact location will be acquired :


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Thanks! But I didn’t understand for what reason it happened :frowning: Don’t you know the feedback mail or telephone number for supporting S1 mission?

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The contact point is EOSupport@Copernicus.esa.int.

Please see also:


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