S1a images no longer flipped

The S1a images for West Coast of Ireland that i downloaded early in the year were flipped and inverted because S1a was on the descending pass - but now I see all of the images for the West are no longer flipped upon load and i have checked in the datahub and they are correct there too.

What has changed - was there an additional auto pre-procsessing stage introduced?



I don’t think anything has changed, the top left corner in any image is the 1st sensed pixel and it depends on the orbit (ascending or descending) whether the non-terrain-corrected image appears to be “flipped” or not.

True - so if the orbit can’t change why would 2015 images of a similar area be flipped but post 2015 aren’t? Both IW, both GRDH.

Perhaps the acquisition plane has changed, after all it’s possible to image the same area from both ascending and descending orbits.


yes, of course you are right - im forgetting they can image at night too and can get us on both ascending and descending passes - thanks.