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This is probably a newbie question, but I’m struggling to find a definite answer.

If I have a DEM generated from two S1SLC datasets, e.g. from 07.03.2021 and 13.03.2021, which of those dates is actually represented by my DEM?


Hey, the interferogram you generated represents the LOS range difference between these two dates. If you are only interested in elevation, you are basically assuming that between these dates there was no other source of deformation. So your DEM basically just depends on the baseline between the two acquisitions. So in a way you can say both dates are “represented” in your DEM. hope this clears things up. Maybe also consult a manual regarding interferometry theory, might help if you want to pursue data InSAR data processing/analysing.

Your DEM represents the elevation data from the date of the radar dataset it was generated from. So, if it was created from datasets collected on 07.03.2021 and 13.03.2021, it represents the elevation for one of those specific dates, depending on the dataset used.
You can also take help from s1tbx - STEP Forum

I would also say the two dates are represented. In addition the atmospheric/ionospheric contribution of both days in in your DEM as a source of error. Any deformation between the two dates will also contribute.

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