S1TBX 4.0.4 TOPSAR-Deburst fails to process assembled products

Assembled product cannot be debursted with S1TBX 4.0.4. GPT outputs the following error: [NodeId: TOPSAR-Deburst] java.lang.NullPointerException. When assembled product is split with S1-TOPS Split before deburst it seems to resolve the error. It would be pleasing to deburst assembled products without the need for split. Any additional ideas to solve the issue are appreciated.

  • Toolbox versions: SNAP engine 4.0.2, S1TBX 4.0.4
  • OP system: Windows 10 Enterprise
  • Memory: -Xmx59392m
  • Product names and processing steps in uploaded graph:
    Sentinel1SliceAssembly_Deburst.xml (1.7 KB)