S1TBX processing and interferometry tutorial for ERS and/or Envisat data

Hi there, I’m new to SNAP/s1tbx and was hoping someone could help me. I’d like to use S1TBX on SNAP to process ERS SAR and/or Envisat ASAR data and to create interferograms for my AOI.

I consulted the “SAR Basics Tutorial” but saw it was only applicable to RADARSAT-2 data. The other tutorials focus on S-1 or S-2 data processing and interferometry. Is there a resource/tutorial that shows how to process ERS and ASAR data and create interferograms for these on SNAP?


It should be same as the tutorials for stripmap mode (not TOPS mode). The only difference would be in the orbits which get applied but, SNAP should select the correct orbits for you automatically.

Thank you for your reply. Can this be done with the file format .N1 acquired from Eoil-sa? Additionally, using the example of ASAR, should the data be in Image Mode SLC or Wide Swath SLC when doing the Stripmap Interferometry?