S2 geographic corners

does someone know if possible for S2 get the geographic corners (not the footprint polygon!) using the
Open Acces Hub system query? Thank you!

I’m not sure to understand. When you have the footprint, you have the geographic corner.

Using the sentinelsat python library :


The response :

POLYGON((4.435898176102727 51.3448731792827,4.45083810157898 51.38118707168292,4.475862365297282 51.44164900872129,6.017025008525815 51.41234265506691,5.953869713140706 50.42629366061962,4.408715109637645 50.45527216066188,4.435898176102727 51.3448731792827))

Containing the geographic corners

source : https://pypi.python.org/pypi/sentinelsat

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often the image it takes just one of the 4 corners because the footprint describe exactly the polygon of the good data. From this list of vertex is difficult understand who is the corner and the reconstruct the upper left corner…
i would like to get the ULX information that is stored in the GRANULE/MTD_TL.xml

Not a solution but I just comment the fact that the information in the ULX/ULY are in the UTM coordinate system of your region of interest. That may not be what you want.

Also, you can use the quickWKT plugin in Q-GIS to quickly visualize your polygon and see which point one is your corner.

thank you qglaude. unfortunatly i need to get this corners information in batch mode because my final goal is georeference previews in order to get a “bad” but very fast Mosaic. I will try to find other solutions…