S2 LAI Processing

I would just like to confirm my process is one in which would be deemed to be correct for the application of processing S2 data to LAI: first, I import Sentinel-2 L2A products which have been processed using Sen2COR (Sentinel-2 1C data processed to 2A Bottom of Atmosphere) using File>Import>Optical Sensors>Sentinel 2>S2-MSI L2A. I resample it to 20m using the Optical>Geometric>S2 Resampling Processor. Then I run the biophysical processor Optical>Thematic Land Processing>Biophysical Processor (LAI, fAPAR…)>Biophysical Processor S2. I then export 3 geotiff products from that data: a single band LAI, and 2 band raster with LAI and LAI flags and a single band raster with all flagged areas removed. To achieve the latter product I use the following code within Raster>Band Maths:

lai_flags ? NaN : lai

I believe this is the correct workflow but wanted to confirm, thank you.

Yes, this is the correct way. At least in my opinion.
The AC should be performed, and the S2 Resampling is necessary, too, because the biophysical operator uses the geometry bands. Only the S2 Resampling has a special treatment for the angles.

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hello, for the calculation of the LAI on snap it is recommended to resample the bands to how many meters 10 or 20?

The decision is up to you. It depends on your application and processing resources. Doing the computation on 10m is computational more expensive.
The result is more accurate when you do it on 10m. But is it necessary for your use case?
Also consider that calculating LAI is not an exact calculation. Will you benefit from the higher resolution?
Make a test, compute the same scene in both resolutions and compare the results. Then you can decide.

I am working on the estimation of the woody biomass, I need the LAI and other indices for the estimation.