S2 Toolbox Repo Tags contains s1 toolbox code

Dear Support,
we need to update the dependency on SNAP from 6 to 7. We did not find version 7.0.3 on github. We found tags for 7.0.2.
We downloaded the code but it looks that in the s2toolbox Zip there is the S1 toolbox code.

You can check from here:

Download the Zip, open it, it has s2tbx-7.0.2 but inside is all s1tbx-* subfolders.
Can you check? How can we access a stable 7.x release to build locally?

The last release for s2tbx is 7.0.0.
You can find it here:

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Something seems to have gone wrong when creating the tags for s2tbx. Very strange.
Also when I check out the tag for the s2tbx I get the content from the s1tbx.
@oana_hogoiu, @lveci I think the tags need to be recreated.

@wasdi (Paolo?) maybe you want to wait a bit with the update anyway, the release of SNAP 8 is not far away and you update right to this version?

Hi Marco, yes I’m Paolo :slight_smile: ! Hope you are all safe in this strange period of life.
I can confirm both: version 7.0.0 zip has the right S2 code while there must have been some problem in the 7.0.2 zip: I was convinced that was my error in unzip, then I made a double check :).

Thank you for the info about SNAP8. This can be a very interesting solution!

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The broken tags for s2tbx were removed. Thank you for letting us know.
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