s2Tbx 8.0.3 jars not available on Build Server

Hello everyone,
I’m updating some dependencies and, in particular, I’m updating SNAP to version 8.0.3.
The dependencies are resolved by using maven on the Nexus-based public repository available on https://snap-build-server.tilaa.cloud/
For s1tbx and s3tbx no issues at all, but with s2tbx version 8.0.3 isn’t published.
Also by navigating via the web page no s2 8.0.3 jars are available.
Will these resources be available in the future?
Best regards and thank for any support,

The S2TBX has not yet reached version 8.0.3. It is still at 8.0.1.
Toolboxes are versioned independently between major releases. At a major release the get again a common version number.

Got it !
Thank you for your clear and prompt reply.
Best regards,