S3 image subsets are shifted in SNAP 7.02

I am trying to export subsets from SNAP to GeoTiff. Each time when I subset the S3 LST L2 in SNAP, the image is mirrored. How can I solve this? I need to process a few thousand images and I have all the scripts in place.
Please, see the image presented below. It’s clear how the north of Africa is displayed as south of Spain.

I think, the reprojection after subset could solve this problem, would you please to give a trial.

Thx, I already tried this, but a bit different. I reprojected the data and did a subset and the data gets aligned correctly.
My problem is that this is one step more … and you have a big number of images it becomes really annoying. Are there any plans to solve it? Why this mirroring occurs for S3 images?