S3-OLCI C2RCC geocorrection

Hello everyone, I encountered a problem when using snap software for the first time.

Does C2RCC do geometric correction when processing sentinel-3 data? If not, how to use SNAP to geometrically correct sentinel-3 data?

After using the C2RCC plug-in for chlorophyll concentration inversion, I found that place should be wrong place.

How should I solve it, help is greatly appreciated!

The C2RCC does not change the geo-location. If you see the displacement afterwards it should also be visible in the source.
The accuracy of the Sentinel-3 OLCI geo-location depends on which data is used for the geo-locations. OLCI provides two. The tie-points give only good approximation. Often this is sufficient and when processing data (e.g. reprojection) it is faster. The other data set provides orthorectified geo-location for each pixel.
You can switch between both in the options:

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