Sample data

i use snap v 5.0.0 and i want to create a subset from an SLC image but i have this error ‘The functionality you have chosen is not supported for products with bands of different sizes. You can use the Resampling Operator to resample this product so that all bands have the same size, which will enable you to use this feature’ .
i resampled the product but the same message still appear .
do you have any idea or solution.

This is a known issue.
I think I just solved it and the fix will be included in the next update. At the moment the only workaround for you would be to delete all virtual bands and add them again.

Even if that issue is solved I subsetting un de-bursted SLC:s is still not supported. Also if you resample the data you will most likely destroy the phase-information in the SLC:s in which case you might as well work with GRD:s as it is a lot simpler and faster.

With the SLCs you should use the TOPS Split operator instead of Subset. With the split operator you can select the subswath, bursts and polarization. If you need to subset further beyond the subswath and bursts then you will need to deburst and then you can use Subset as usual.