SAR Mosaic - improve results

Hi all,

Can anyone suggest a way to improve the SAR Mosaic results? See below - three IW images captured in the same pass.

Terrain correction, Radiometric correction and Normalisation applied as suggested in the Help. All other options left as default.



Did you also calibrate your data before the mosaic step?

Another thing is the normalisation: I wasn’t lucky with it quite often maybe you also try without once.

You should apply thermal noise removal, calibration and slice assembly. Radiometric normalisation should not do anything since there’s practically no topography over the ocean.

thanks both of you for the replies - looking through the help i think ‘slice assembly’ might be what i want and not mosaic afterall.

Should i apply the thermal noise removal? i thought i saw in a previous post that it was not necessary over water. or is it used if there is any land in the scene.

i should also say these were GRD files.

If these are S-1 Slice products then it would be better if you use the Slice Assembly. The mosaic is intended for terrain corrected data to blend composites and you end up with a nice image but it is no longer a ‘product’ with corresponding metadata.
Slice assembly on the other hand will update the metadata and it remains a Sentinel-1 product which you may continue to process like any other S-1 product.