Sar pri-slc geocoding

Hi there

I’m using s1tbx version 2.0.0 to open and ERS-2 SAR PRI-SLC image. Everything seems OK but the image is kinda shifted in the East-West direction. The longitude is not increasing from right to left as expected, in this image it should vary from 119W to 120W with the cursor moving right-left. I get exactly the opposite.

Could someone please show me what I’m doing wrong?


The image is as it’s been acquired. Depending if it’s an ascending or descending pass and if the satellite is left or right facing then you could get an image that if flipped compared to the orientation you are expected. This is fine.
The image will be oriented correctly after it has been geocoded (with terrain correction) and put on a map projection.

Dear Iveci

Thank you very much for your prompt reply.

It’s not clear how I’m supposed to apply these corrections. In s1tbx 2.0.0, you mean

radar > geometric > terrain correction > ?
and then which one? SAR simulation terrain correction?

Is that what I have to do? Something else?

Again thanks for your time, cheers