Save a band

hello every one,
how can i save a band separately from other brands (EVI index) that product with band math in snap 4.

You can either use Export from the File menu and choose the format you want store the data to. In the upcoming dialog you can choose subset and select only the band you are interested in. The other way is to use Subset from the Raster select the band and then save the resulting product afterwards.


thanks for your answer.
To do this re-sampling should do but I do not want bands re_sampled.

If you choose the band you want to export as the reference band then the band will not be resampled.

with snap 3 subset without resampling possible but not with snap 4. I install snap 3 and open L2A product unfortunately when I opened image window of bands, Only black window displayed While snap 4 opens and display bands correctly.

Ok thanks a lot
I do it