Save a sen2cor Thematic Land classification to a geotiff or vector file

Hi all,

I have produced a quality scene classification using the sen2cor plugin.

I can see the result reading the Index Codings/quality_scene _classification metadata.

However, I need to visualize and process this classification, opening it into Qgis. In fact I need to produce a mask of the clouds cover that can be geotiff or shp format.

There is any solution for exporting the classification performed using sen2cor into a layer with geotiff or ESRI shapefile format?

Thank you.


Hi @LorenzoNais

Please use the forum to look for possible solutions to your posts. You will find a lot of posts about how to export to GeoTIFF. Searching is your friend :slight_smile:
You just need to select your output image, go to File -> Export -> GeoTIFF. To export an image as shp is not possible in SNAP. Export it as raster and then convert it to polygon in QGIS (using GDAL, etc.).