Save an RGB product created with SNAP

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Is it possible with SNAP to save a product created in the RVB mode ?
In fact, I want to save and integrate an RBG product in the folder “Bands” of an OLCI product.
I already tried to do it with the “Band math” operator but but can’t see it in the list even alfter checking all the cursors !
In the layer manager, the product is written as :
[1] OLCI L1 - 17, 5, 2 RGB ==> can I save/integrate it to the platform or not ?

Thank you for your response.

Have you try to export the RGB composition? Right click on the image visualization and select Export View as Image.


Thank you MCG for your response but my goal is to keep this image in SNAP for future needs, not to export it.

What about doing a band subset to remove all the bands except RGB from the product?


You are using different terms as we usually use.
With “RGB product” you actually mean a “Band”. In out terminology a (data) product contains several bands.
Some name these bands products other call it variables. I only say it, because this might have caused the confusion for @MCG.

In SNAP you can’t have a single band entry in the Bands group for an RGB.
BUt you can save the RGB bands separately. When creating the RGB, click the checkbox for storing the virtual bands

These virtual bands will only work within SNAP properly.
But you can convert them to “real” bands afterwards or you simply use the Band Maths and create 3 Bands naming them Red, Green and Blue. You can take the equations from the RGB dialog.
But when creating these bands you need to unmark the checkbox for storing the data, not only the expression.

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