SBAS-DInSAR processing on the ESA Geohazard Exploitation Platform

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I am trying to understand the SBAS workflow. I can’t undrestand at which stage exactly the SBAS baseline graph of the InSAR pairs can be created? I found in some materials that the basline graph is done based on the delaunay triangulation but I am not sure if it is done at the first step of the pairs selection or at the phase unwrapping stage?

Actually you’re talking into two different things, the unwrapping algorithm should be done in whatever InSAR technique to get the real distance between the target and satellite in other words to to convert

g1 = a1exp(i4πR1/λ)

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For more understanding about SBAS technique,

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An Overview of the Small BAseline Subset Algorithm: a DInSAR Technique for Surface Deformation Analysis