SeaDAS OCSSW not accessible

Hello, I’m processing MODIS image using C2RCC and I need to use l2gen in SeaDAS as input. The problem is this shows:


It says that the server is down (I already tried for a few days). I searched how to install it and I am really not familiar with the Virtual Box and the codes. Do I really have to code or is there an alternative method to use the l2gen processor?

Thank you!

I assume you have installed the OCSSW software in a linux VM. After installing, you should verify that it works by running the test at end of the build_ocssw page. The last time I used it, the seadas_benchmark.bash script hadn’t been updated and needed some minor changes.

Note that getting the server working can be a bit tricky, and it is much slower than just running the programs on the command line. It can be useful in a teaching lab setting where one configuration is loaded on multiple machines, but I many users prefer to do their processing with a the linux command-line.