Searching the Processing Center of any Sentinel-1 L1 product

Dear All,

I want to get the information related to the Processing Center (Country, City etc.) of a particular Sentinel-1 SAR image, L1 product. Which means, where exactly that SAR image has been processed in the world?
Or where the SAR processor is located in the world?

In the time-series SAR data, if the SAR images pertaining to same area but different dates (L1 products) are processed at different SAR processor locations, then the profile of a pixel in the time-series shows fluctuations for subsequent dates. That can be attributed to the variations in SAR processors (as the mechanism may differ).

Please enlighten me.


Satej Panditrao.

The S-1 Instrument Processing Facility (IPF) is under strict configuration control and it does not matter “where” the software was run. Search the product metadata for “IPF” and you’ll find the info you need.