Selecting and exporting masks.


I’ve recently started working with snappy, and I’d like to know if it’s possible to download as a GeoTIFF several masks into different files in order to work with them separately later.

In other words: once I’ve read the Product, I’d like to export into GeoTIFF at least two masks, like in the picture.


Thank you and best regards.

you can create a physical raster of the bands using the Band Maths (un-check “virtual raster”) and simply typing the name of the mask as an expression. Then save your product (File > Save Product). A img file will be created inside your .data folder of the BEAM DIMAP product which is fully compatible with other software.

Hello and thanks for the quick reply. I’ll try that, and after that, I’ll try to move it to either snappy or GPT (most likely).