Selection of pairs of Sentinel-1 images for DInSAR processing

i am interested to DInSAR processing.
I would like to have more informations about the procedures to select and download pairs of images suitable for Differential Interferometry.
Is there any tutorial?

About the selection of images

A tutorial is given here
It is based on NEST so some parts of the GUI look a bit different now but in general these are your required steps.

I am having pair of data, dated 01/10/2016 and 18/02/2017 (DUAL POLARISATION) .Can this be used for interferometry?

Also. i have polarimetric data of dates 02/04/2016 and 28/05/2016. Please tell whether any of these can be used for interferometry for dem generation.


Impossible to say as it depends on orbit track, wavelength, land-cover type etc. Please study the InSAR tutorials & online courses so you gain more understanding into SAR interferometry.

as already often mentioned, this topic is a good start for all kinds of questions regarding DEM generation:

I have a query… The displacement map which i have obtained using DInSAR technique has values ranging from +1.05 to -1.006. How should i infer it??

Have a look at these threads,

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Subsidence and Uplift

Subsidence and Uplift calculations

If the relative orbits are the same, can you understand that the incident angles of a study are the same? Thank you!

this depends on the perpendicular baseline, if the angle is identical, InSAR would not be possible.