sen2cor 02.08

Hi all,

I am trying to use sen2cor 02.08 with SNAP to convert MS2 L1C product from 2016 to L2A. I get the following error:

Sentinel-2 Level 2A Processor (Sen2Cor). Version: 2.8.0, created: 2019.02.20, supporting Level-1C product version 14.2 - 14.5 started …
Old product version 14.2 detected, - will be updated to 14.5
Processing baseline will also be updated
Operation mode: TOOLBOX
Processing baseline: 99.99
Progress[%]: 0.00 : Generating datastrip metadata
L1C datastrip found, L2A datastrip successfully generated
Traceback (most recent call last):

  • File “C:\Users\nmp78.snap\auxdata\Sen2Cor-02.08.00-win64\Lib\site-packages\sen2cor\”, line 534, in *
  • sys.exit(main())*
  • File “C:\Users\nmp78.snap\auxdata\Sen2Cor-02.08.00-win64\Lib\site-packages\sen2cor\”, line 482, in main*
  • L2A_TILES = config.updateTiles()*
  • File “C:\Users\nmp78.snap\auxdata\Sen2Cor-02.08.00-win64\Lib\site-packages\sen2cor\”, line 3669, in updateTiles*
  • if self.create_L2A_Tile():*
  • File “C:\Users\nmp78.snap\auxdata\Sen2Cor-02.08.00-win64\Lib\site-packages\sen2cor\”, line 3773, in create_L2A_Tile*
  • os.mkdir(L2A_TILE_ID_)*
    WindowsError: [Error 123] The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect: u’\\?\\\?\C:\Users\nmp78\S2A_MSIL2A_20160414T013425_N9999_20200421T114946.SAFE_T45RVL_20160413T101011.SAFE\GRANULE\L2A_T45RVL_A004220_20160413T045850’
    Finished tool execution in 4 seconds

Even though it has generated a new folder, I am not convinced that it is done properly. How can I solve this error? I have the 2016 input data in the same folder of my sen2cor home directory which is the \C:\Users\nmp78.

Any thoughts?

this looks like sen2cor misunderstands the name of the product.
Have you renamed or processed the input L1C product in any way?

Hi many thanks for your quick reply.
I haven’t changed any name. It might be the fact I got an error while unzipping the folder. I will download it once again. Now I try the sen2cor with 2018 data and it seems that is working properly