Sen2cor 2.2.1 or

The most current version of sen2cor available for download is 2.2.1. If I install and run SNAP it asks to upgrade to

Why is that and is available for download without SNAP?

Dear Unnic,

this is really confusing. Sen2Cor is actually available with version 2.2.1. Version 2.2.2 is in the last tests before releasing to the public.

My understanding regarding the other version number is that SNAP is using a standalone tool adapter for running Sen2Cor from within SNAP. This standalone tool adapter is now updated to version

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That’s it. The version of the adapter is actually different from the version of sen2cor itself.
I admit it can be confusing. Maybe we should change this to have the adapter version follow the sen2cor version number, with an additionnal “adapter” version, like 2.2.2-X where X is the adapter version.

@bdpg : May I ask what the anticipated release schedule of sen2cor 2.2.2 is and (bonus question) which changes we can expect?

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