Sen2cor 2.5.5 in Singularity container: L2A_GIPP missing


For some compatibility reasons, I try to use Sen2cor 2.5.5 in a Singularity image.
The main problem it that the L2A_GIPP.xml is not found.
By default, Sen2cor_home path is set to /root/sen2cor…but, in a Singularity image we can’t access to /root directory.
So I changed the SEN2COR_HOME variable in L2A_Bashrc file. When runing sen2cor it can create log files but can’t find GIPP file. In fact, it doesn’t exist.
Any idea to change the SEN2COR_HOME during installation? find files that should be contained in /sen2cor/cfg folder?


Thanks to SINGULARITY_BINDPATH variable I can bind the container /root directory to an accessible directory on host.
During install, sen2cor print a succesfull copying /Sen2Cor-02.05.05-Linux64/lib/python2.7/site-packages/sen2cor/cfg/L2A_GIPP.xml to /root/sen2cor/2.5/cfg/L2A_GIPP.xml! but nothing in /root
I have to copy it myself. Thats working but not really clean.

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Thanks for the tip. I had the same problem and solved it with the BIND trick. Did you find any cleaner solution?