Sen2Cor 2.8.0 docker : wrong operation mode: None (Solved)

I used to run sen2cor 2.5.5 within a docker I build using the following the command:
'L2A_Process {0}'.format(safeL1Cfull)
I am trying to use sen2cor 2.8.0.

Followin the documentation on item “Software Installation” says The installation itself is equivalent to the previous Toolbox Version 2.5.5.
So basically I changed the run file to instead of the 2.5.5 version.
However, when I use the command L2A_Process I get the following message:

wrong operation mode: None

my current Dockerfile is attached.Dockerfile_sen2cor (1.4 KB)
I would like to know if anyone got this error, or if there is any Dockerfile available for this version (2.8.0).

I just found the problem.
I was using the L2A_GIPP.xml from an older version.
Using the file from the correct version it worked fine.

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I have the same problem but specifying the correct configuratioh file with the --GIP_L2A option does not sortthe problem.
Can anyone advise ?