Sen2cor 2.9 Segmentation fault in command line (Manjaro distro) despite one successfully processed

Dear All,

I tried Sen2cor, version 2.9, to compare the processed image with ACOLITE, another open-source application for AC. The Sen2cor is, however, only processed successfully one, then the “Segmentation fault” error always appears. Below is the details:

My syntax for processing with Sen2cor:

bin/L2A_Process /run/media/metal/d6d05414-194e-4f08-bb20-754d8b61789f/home/metal/Documents/research_paper/coral_haivan_soncha2021/S2A_MSIL1C_20201228T031131_N0209_R075_T48PZC_20201228T052613.SAFE --output_dir=/run/media/metal/d6d05414-194e-4f08-bb20-754d8b61789f/home/metal/Documents/research_paper/coral_haivan_soncha2021/S2A_MSIL1C_20201228T031131_N0209_R075_T48PZC_20201228T052613.SAFE/ac29 --resolution=10 --tif

and here is the error:

Sen2Cor 2.9.0, created: 2020.11.30, supporting Level-1C product version 14.2 - 14.6
Operation mode: TOOLBOX
Processing baseline: 99.99
Application started ...
Progress[%]:  0.00 : Generating datastrip metadata
L2A datastrip successfully generated
Selected resolution: 10 m
Progress[%]: 0.03 : PID-35044, L2A_ProcessTile: 20 m resolution must be processed first, elapsed time[s]: 0.719, total: 0:00:03.732783
Progress[%]: 0.07 : PID-35044, L2A_ProcessTile: processing with resolution 20 m, elapsed time[s]: 0.860, total: 0:00:04.592384
Progress[%]: 0.07 : PID-35044, L2A_ProcessTile: start of pre processing, elapsed time[s]: 0.000, total: 0:00:04.592588
Progress[%]: 0.07 : PID-35044, L2A_Tables: start import, elapsed time[s]: 0.043, total: 0:00:04.635249
bin/L2A_Process: line 5: 35044 Segmentation fault      (core dumped) /run/media/metal/d6d05414-194e-4f08-bb20-754d8b61789f/home/metal/Documents/softl/atmospheric/Sen2Cor-02.09.00-Linux64/bin/python2.7 -s /run/media/metal/d6d05414-194e-4f08-bb20-754d8b61789f/home/metal/Documents/softl/atmospheric/Sen2Cor-02.09.00-Linux64/lib/python2.7/site-packages/sen2cor/ "$@"

Is it again, regarding the GCC compiler version? Or do I miss something?

Many thanks,

I fixed the problem by using Sen2Cor v2.5 for the product since the PSD is version 14.0, that might not fit to the current workflow of Sen2Cor v2.9.

Hope this will help for other new comers.


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