Sen2cor 2.9

Hi All

After successful installation of sen2cor 2.90, when i run it, it outputs an Output Product folder a opposed to L12A…folder. What am i doing wrong? The following screen shows instructions to “save” the product, but i am unsure if the atmosphere correction has been performed. Any ideqa why the new folder isnt created as it was in sen2cor 2.55? Thanks in advance

hi @rhickson I’m not professing to be an expert in this, more a ‘try it and see’ user!
having just installed sen2cor 2.9 myself (upgrading from 2.8) i have found that when you save the product, (I do so using the original folder name and just replace the ‘1C’ with ‘2A’) it takes a good while as, I believe, it is writing the corrected band data. maybe @marpet or @gnwiii may know more, or possibly @oana_hogoiu ?

What happens if you use Sen2Cor 2.10?