Sen2cor and resampling

Hello everybody,

I’m trying to use the new sen2cor 3.0 under SNAP 5.0

when I perform the atmospheric correction at 10m the output seem ok, spectral signs are correct, but my problem is that the 20m bands aren’t resampled at 10m…

With the old version all the bands were automatically resampled at 10m…

With this output I can’t save my L2A image for Envi, before I have to resample the 20m bands at 10m…

It is possible to fix it and to obtain with the atmospheric correction all the bands at 10m?

Thanks in advance

After using Sen2cor and generate the L2A product, you could try the resampling using the option:

Raster > Geometric Operations > Resampling (choose the Band 2)

After that, you can export all the bands without any problem.


Thanks Lucio!