Sen2cor at 10m resolution

Hi all,

I’am working with Sen2cor with a sentinel 2 image size of more than 7GB. I wanted bottom of reflectance (L2A) product with a 10 m resolution.
Firstly the processing took more than 3-4 hours and finally when the processing has finished, I couldn’t open the XML file in SNAP tool box

Does the size of image have any reservations while working with Sen2cor, if so, what are the alternatives

Attahced to this message is also the screen shot of the processing parameters and display exceution output of Sen2cor

Any suggestions please



It looks fine. The processing takes quite some time because the calculation behind it is not easy. :wink:

What did not work with opening the xml-file? What was the error message?


Hi Abgbaumann,

Thanks for the message, I appreciate it. When I say that there was an error message, the XML do not load at all.

It just says, reading, but never opens in the product explorer tab? but it doesn’t give any error message as such

Any suggestions?