Sen2cor AttributeError


I am trying to run Sen2cor (2.0.6) in SNAP as an external Tool.
I installed sen2cor sucessfully and the L2A_Processor is working on command line level.
I am working on a Windows 7 64bit machine.

I am following the discussion in the forum, but I am still having
problems to create a L2A through the integrated sen2cor Tool in SNAP.
I keep getting following error:

Many Thanks in Advance,

Hi again! I have solved it. The clue was to not open previously the
files with another program (I have tried with ENVI and Qgis) and also in the
process of decompressing files, which were not able to save some of the files
because the maximum length of characters is 260 thus exceeding it. I have
changed the name with 1C_ always within and it work properly. Anyway, it gave
me another error this time associated to the Metadata file, but the L2 products
were processed correctly.