SEN2COR environment settings

Hello everybody,

i have a critical problem with installation sen2cor using command line. I installed Anaconda for Windows and after i want to install sen2cor. During the installation i thnk im doing everything good but when i confirm installation environment settings i obtain error concerning SEN2Cor HOME (picture below)

Then when i want to check or is something errors writting L2A_Process in command line i get second error (below)

And third error When i want to begin (regaldless of errors) Process Atmospheric Corection i have third error :frowning: (below)

Im loosing my ptience. What im doing wrong? (Windows 10 system )
sorry for my basic english
Wojtek from Poland


try to reinstall and set SEN2COR_HOME to a path without spaces (recommended) or try to escape the space:
C:\users\xxxx…\sen2cor\cfg no space
"“C:\users” “name\xxxx…\sen2cor\cfg” escaped with double quote


Dear Cris

we have a/one third of succes. I used first option from your answer I set SEN2COR_HOME to a path without spaces (picture bolow)

But prolems from pictures two and three don’t disappear :person_frowning:



About problem 2: the error message says L2A_Process can’t be launched on its own and prints the usage, that looks right. The setup manual asks to launch “L2AProcess --help” to check installation went ok. Have you tried that?

About problem 3: are you sure it is the exact same error message? If yes, can you try to launch ‘echo %SEN2COR_HOME%’ and send us the result?

I have similar problem installing sen2cor as a plugin in SNAP. I have no idea where SEN2COR_BIN is supposed to be. I can’t find the file anywhere on my (Ubuntu 14.04/64 bit) system. file sholud by in Anaconda folder (subfolder Scripts)

OK, thanks. The Anaconda pre-requisite is never mentioned when installing as a plugin. I have no direct need for Anaconda and have my gdal and openjp2 libraries installed correctly. It’s not clear what else is needed. In fact, the actual routine L2A_AtmCor is not even a python script but a binary.

So, apparently, you need to install the sen2cor package first and than install the plugin??? Can we get rid of the Anaconda dependency?

First yoy have to install Anaconda for your system (you can find Anaconda on If you install Anaconda later you shold install sen2cor. Dont change anything during instalation Anaconda

The SEN2COR setup instructions can be found here:

What happened to the open source character of the s2tbx? Did that go out of the window with sen2cor?
I don’t understand why python code needs to be dependent on a particular installation version. I don’t want to change my existing python set-up, which is based on the scientific python installation. It would be better to spell out the dependencies and not build in hard paths to specific packages. Better still to just push out the code, so that I can change what I need.


That seems indeed to be the case. SEN2COR is primarily a wrapper around a proprietary core.
On GitHub it says:
“This Software contains an IPR of DLR. This part is no Open Source and the
module for the Atmospheric Correction is attached to this software in form
of a binary library only.”
That’s a pity and a pretty strange realisation of what was announced as ‘open source’ tool. Particularly as the ATBD describing the procedure in all detail is openly available.

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Exactly! sen2cor is about the only relevant processing step in s2tbx that you can’t do with other tools easily. How can you expect an “open source” tool to be maintained if it contains black box binary components?

Btw. the ATBD document is corrupt after page 71, with some of the essential annexes missing.

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Right! The fact that this hasn’t been fixed shows how intensely this document has been consulted :wink:

I didn’t change anything and suddenly… L2A process… --resolution 10 works ;]
I love Sen2cor.


As mentioned above SEN2COR is not part of the open source development of SNAP, but it is an external software package that is being developed separately.