sen2cor error: "Cannot copy tree"

Hello, I can’t make the sen2car tool to work properly. It stops after a few seconds and shows the error in the snapshot below (“Cannot copy tree”… "AUX_ATA: not a directory). Any idea?

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Did you rename folders in the root folder? you are trying to enter *.SAFE/AUX_ATA
The correct folder is named AUX_DATA in my opinion. Try to rename the folder.


Hello Chris, thank you for your reply. Yes I did. “AUX_ATA” was probably an error of the warning message. You can see in the new one that it refers to the correct path.
It is frustrating not to be able even to start the process


Hi All,
launching sen2cor from the command line gives the same error. Indeed it seems a problem of folder not found. Isn’t it strange that it looks for AUX_DATA folder under the main folder? I have many AUX_DATA folders and they are under the folder of each granule, like this one:


Any help welcome.

I am running sen2cor from a Windows 7 Professional 64 bit - SP1

Thank you

I found a similar error using the Linux version, was caused by me creating a file within the SAFE directory structure. Make sure your SAFE is as extracted from the zip file.

Hi! You were right, it is working, thank you so much!