Sen2Cor in SNAP: Output product has no bands


I am trying to produce L2A products from L1C Sen-2 products using Sen2Cor in SNAP, to export out as GeoTIFF. However, I am seeing no bands in my Output Product. The choices I made in Sen2Cor are scene_only, 20 m resolution.

In the end, I will be only using bands 4 and 5, which are 10 and 20 m native resolution respectively, although I would be OK if the end result had both bands at 20 m.

I will then be using either SNAP or ENVI to run a NDVI type algorithm (NDCI, for chlorophyll alpha in cyanoblooms), so the end product should have at least band 4 and 5.

Thank you in advance!

try to use Sen2Cor via command line