Sen2cor installation on Mac


I have been trying to get the sen2cor tool to run through the SNAP GUI. I am using a Mac with El Capitan 10.11.

I have the anaconda python installed properly, and the installation works except that when I type ‘source L2A_Bashrc’ nothing seems to happen.

When I look at the system variables in the external tools window, there is nothing listed for the sen2cor_HOME file. What is that supposed to be? The path to the location of the sen2cor folder that was installed when I ran the ‘python install’? Also, in this external tools window, there version listed for sen2cor is 2.1.2. Does this matter?

I have uninstalled everything and started over from scratch following the instructions in the user manual 3 times now, and have had no luck. Thoughts?

I also have to get the same process running on a PC (windows 7) and am not making any headway there, either.

Thank you!