Sen2Cor missing/unavailable in S2TBX 6.0


Hi all,

despite what it is stated in the release notes of S2TBX 6.0, Sen2Cor is missing/unavailable and don’t appear in the install plugins list:

Sen2Cor tool adapter

Advanced configuration

Now, it is possible to configure more parameters when running sen2cor from SNAP. Before, the only parameter was the spatial resolution. Currently, the user can choose whether terrain correction should be applied or not, the aerosol type, the ozone, the visibility… and all the parameters available in the GIPP file of sen2cor.

Sen2Cor download and installation from SNAP

It is now possible to download directly from SNAP the current version of sen2cor and use it without installing anything else. This beta version of the sen2cor plugin makes possible to execute sen2cor without installing Anaconda.

Do somebody know something about that?





in the installers of SNAP it is not included the sen2cor plugin. Normally, it is available via Tools->Plugins->Available plugins… and then you can install it since the plugin is in one of the preconfigured update centers. But for the beta version 6.0, only the installers are available, not the update center, so it is not posible to install the sen2cor plugin until the official release.


Thank you very much.