SEN2COR - NEW S2A tiles (new naming convention)

Hi ,
I’ve a problem with the new S2A-L1C downloaded datasets when applying the Sen2Cor algorithm. i’ve done the same task with the the tiles downloaded from the Earthexplorer server one month ago, and there were nore problems. Actually, the new naming convention of the .xml files containing all the parameters that SEN2COR reads has changed to MTD_MSIL1C and SEN2COR seems not able to recognize the format. i’ve tried with both SNAP-SEN2COR or via command line interface and the same problem appears.
is there anyway to solve this problem ? should i have to rename all the files MTD_MSIL1C to A_OPER_MTD_SAFL1C_PDMC_*** ???
Thanks in advance

the last version of Sen2Cor (2.3.0) supports the new naming convention, are you working with this version or with a previous one?


Try to download the new sen2cor

Thanks for the replys, actually i’m using SEN2COR 2.3.0 / SNAP 3.0 , i’ve checked on the website and these are the last versions .